Why Design Build?

The traditional design-bid-build approach to pursuing a major home construction project means finding an architect and a designer and paying a lot of money to develop plans—without knowing what they might actually cost to build. You then have to hope you’ll find qualified, rival contractors willing to spend time undercutting each other in a bidding war to offer you a cheap enough price so you can afford to complete the job.

Finding responsive professional contractors is much more difficult than you might expect. It usually ends up taking a lot longer and costing a lot more than you’d budgeted. It requires time and effort to manage relationships with multiple partners, and conflict is virtually assured. It’s a stressful experience and—since there’s no single party responsible for your satisfaction from start to finish—your expectations are unlikely to be met.

Design Build is Better!


Our design build process means you’re working with one company from start to finish. During the construction phase, you’re dealing with the same people who were at the table with you at the beginning of the design process. There’s no risk of misunderstandings or conflict as the project moves from design to construction. With the whole team working together in the same company, using the same cloud-based project management software, everyone is on the same page, communication is better, and everything runs more smoothly and efficiently.


Design build fosters a team-spirited approach to a project rather than the adversarial atmosphere that can arise when the design and contracting teams are separate entities. Our design team is as focused on budget and construction efficiency as our construction team is on helping design beautiful, functional, quality-built spaces. We are all working together every day, sharing information and knowledge in constant communication with each other. We’re all committed to the common objective of delivering a great experience and a result that you will be totally thrilled with.

Design Build Keeps Your Budget in Mind

Wonderful plans are worthless if they’re beyond your budget to build. With nearly 30 years of experience estimating and completing Toronto home renovations, we know what it costs to ensure things are done right. We work with you to develop plans and a project scope with your budget in mind. Our process is focused on the concept of value engineering. In other words, we want to help you make improvements to your home that will have the greatest impact on your family’s comfort and daily enjoyment while providing you the best return on your investment.

Faster Timelines

The timeline for a project from the beginning of design to the conclusion of construction tends to be much faster with design build. The process is also smoother and less likely to suffer delays. While we’re working our way through the design phase with you, we have the benefit of more advanced lead time to ensure our construction team is ready to begin on the desired start date. This allows for more stable and predictable scheduling, and more organized project management.

Design questions and issues arise on every home renovation project during construction. Having our own in-house design team means we can get the solutions we need quickly to keep the project moving. Our in-house professional engineer is always available to monitor and resolve structural issues, and to perform timely inspections if the City inspectors are too busy.

Feel Right At Home

Design build allows us to specialize. We have well-developed systems and processes and a highly trained, integrated team of professionals working together to deliver consistently successful results for our customers. We design and build home additions and major renovations for old Toronto homes. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we’re good at it. We don’t do commercial work or condo renovations; we don’t flip houses or sell real estate on the side. We help Toronto families like yours arrive at smartly planned, sensibly budgeted, beautiful home transformation projects to allow you to truly love where you live and FEEL RIGHT AT HOME!