Home Renovation Galleries

If you’re contemplating a home renovation, you need to see our work. We’ve put together a number of galleries showcasing some of the many renovation projects we’ve done on old Toronto homes. They’ll give you an idea of the kinds of things that can be done to add space. We hope they inspire you to undertake a renovation project so you can feel right at home!

3 Reasons for a Home Renovation

1. Family living has changed. When your old Toronto home was built families were more formal, with parents and children each living their own lives. Dividing up the home into a lot of separate spaces made sense then.

That’s no longer the case. Today’s parents enjoy hanging out with their children and want as much family time as possible. A ground floor renovation will open your space, allowing your family to communicate and engage with each other.

2. It’s not working. Cramped bedrooms, creaky floors, and drafty windows may not be the end of the world, but when you live with these kinds of inconveniences day in and day out, it can get old very quickly – especially as your family grows.

If it’s not working, why live with it? Renovating the space will make you and your family feel better and increase the resale value of your home.

3. You’re outgrowing your home. Renovation is often done when families are growing, either when new children join the family or as the kids become teens and need more space.

In old Toronto homes, people often look around and say, “Yes, we need more space. But where on Earth are we going to find any?” A good place to look is the basement. It might seem unusable, but lowering and finishing your basement is not only possible, it can give you high-quality living space that will serve you long into the future.

Another option is to add space. Here too, many homeowners look around and wonder how that can be achieved. Building up can be a good solution and sometimes there are opportunities to build out that only an experienced eye can see. Whether you do a home renovation or an expansion, it will likely be much cheaper than moving to get a home that fits your family.


You deserve to feel right at home.

Our homes are so important in our lives; they don’t just shelter us, they are where we live. Loving your home is part of truly enjoying your life, and we all deserve that. A home renovation transforms your home from ok to amazing. It’s the difference between feeling slightly on edge and feeling absolutely right in your surroundings. And there’s no better reason to renovate your home than that!