Boris & Anna

Glendonwynne Road

It is with great confidence and pleasure that we put forward this recommendation of Men At Work and its President Paul Gallop. Paul and his managers have built an honest process which relies on open communication. They are the experts, and their knowledge dramatically improves and streamlines the whole renovation/construction process. Men At Work helped us with three very different projects:

Our first project required an architect to design the third floor addition and getting approval from the Committee of Adjustments. Our project was met with dedication and enthusiasm. We were very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism of the architect, which led to the project approval.

Our second project happened to be around the last year’s winter storm, and through the holiday season. The Men At Work crew was working around the clock even during the power outage to meet the schedule. They were very considerate and mindful of the fact that we were living in the house which was undergoing major renovation.

Our third project required craftsmanship and attention to details. Paul personally made sure that whenever third party contractors were engaged, the quality of deliverables was as good as it should be.

All three of our projects were delivered on time and within budget, and with high quality of the workmanship. Men At Work did not cut corners. We were always treated with respect and care. We were given regular updates on the progress, our calls and emails were always returned promptly. Our experience is just a one example of the commitment that Men At Work make in developing lasting relationships built upon integrity and mutual respect.

We were very fortunate to meet and work with Paul and his great team, who we hope to be our friends for many years.

We welcome any specific inquiries to support our recommendation of Men At Work.

Boris & Anna