Dave & Cheryl

Sunnyside Avenue

We hired Paul Gallop, of Men At Work Design Build, to undertake a total demolition of the interior of our century home in High Park, and to create a new interior structure with new steel beams and columns. Paul’s knowledge of building codes, products, and practices is extraordinary. I am a highly detail oriented, research intensive individual. Until I met Paul, I had never before met a salesperson/business owner that I could not easily stump with some recent knowledge I had gained on the web. Paul’s passion for the industry and in-depth knowledge is unparalleled.

Paul was also very flexible to our needs, providing guidance as necessary to help us make the right decisions, with budget in mind.

After Paul had completed all the work we hired him to do, and the architect, and structural engineer had signed off, we undertook some further demolition of the roof area of the home. This led to discovery of a previously unknown roof defect, the support of which ultimately called for a larger column footing than originally built. Although Paul had done all that was required of him in the original contract, he volunteered to enhance the original footing at no extra charge. Paul’s after sales service was fantastic.

You won’t find a better general contractor than Paul Gallop of Men At Work.

Dave & Cheryl