Gino & Heidi

Evelyn Avenue

Last year we undertook a major house retrofit that involved a completely new upstairs bathroom, complete rewiring, new flooring and lighting as well as general improvements to front porch. The front porch had been integrated into the home in the 1930’s but was cold/drafty and in need of substantial improvements.

We encountered a number of surprises during the renovation project which is not uncommon. Once the front porch floor was opened up we discovered the need to do more work than expected. This was to retrofit, insulate and heat and crawl space under the front porch. Paul worked with us to ensure the job was done correctly and the initial (unplanned) investment in the porch upgrade has served us well. A second surprise related to the layout of the bathroom which necessitated the unplanned removal of a wall to accommodate an in wall toilet. Paul insisted that this be done instead of a compromise move that we had contemplated. This proved to be wise advise.

We have worked with Paul and his team on 2 occasions, once in 1999 during the first years of his business and again last year. One thing that impressed both of us is how the team has remained committed to very high levels of customer service despite the added pressures and complexities that come with running a larger business.

Paul and the full Men At Work team including Daniel, Les, Craig and Jason among others were very professional and committed to the highest standards of work. We would not hesitate to use Men At Work for subsequent projects and often speak of the positive experiences we have had working with them.

Gino & Heidi