Nadine Chan

In 2008, we hired Men At Work, Paul Gallop to do a major structural renovation to our kitchen, including adding a new sunroom. We were so impressed with the process and the finished product, that when we decided to build a powder room from scratch this year, we called up Paul and engaged his services without inviting other contractors to submit quotes.

That is how much we trust Paul and his company. Paul has infinite patience, is a great listener and is a true diplomat. He handled our whims, demands and change orders with aplomb. When our wish list or demands became too unrealistic or costly, Paul gently, but firmly, offered other viable and creative alternatives, and in the end made us think that we came up with the idea ourselves Paul has enormous integrity and stands behind his words and work. On the few occasions when we had some minor post renovation repairs tweaking, Paul quickly sent his crew to deal with the issues and fix the problem without delay or hesitation.

The whole Men At Work crew is a coterie of skilled, knowledgeable and genuinely nice people that you can trust to deliver a top quality job, be kind to your dog, and not leave a trail of mud on your floor after a days work. So, Paul, get ready. Please leave your schedule open next year for us for our 3rd round of renovations. We will be calling on Men At Work. ~N. Chan