Tony & Karin

We bought our house with the intent of adding a second storey to it in the next few years. We started reviewing contractors online and ended up interviewing five or six of them. We selected Paul Gallop at Men At Work. Before we could start that project our basement flooded and Men At Work rebuilt the family room. From waterproofing to building material choices to floor, they were a pleasure to work with. A little while later, Paul and his architect spent countless hours at our home meeting with us, going through designs, revisions, brainwaves, budget cuts, all the way through to the estimate/proposal phase.

It took a couple of rounds but they were able to come up with designs that we were happy with and that we could actually afford. Their estimate process is very fair and we really felt that Paul was being complete and honest with us throughout the whole process. (Actually, we were a little surprised at the transparency but very quickly came to greatly appreciate it.) He listened to our ideas, some of which were completely insane, and responded respectfully and insightfully. Men at Work is not the cheapest out there, but their transparency, attention to detail, honesty, and frankly, Paul’s friendly personality made us feel that using a builder like that was the only option for us. That said, we did have some challenging budget constraints that were always in the picture. However, we have learned from experience that finding good tradesmen and good general contractors are difficult and important. At the end of the day, the price was fair and we were pleased to give Men At Work our business. ~Tony & Karin

We were delighted with 90 per cent of the trades that came in, and 100 per cent of the way Men At Work handled the other 10 per cent. No project of this scale is without glitches, and we had very few – far fewer than we were expecting. It’s the handling of the glitches that really makes the contractor, and Paul is a superstar.

During the build, Men At Work uses an online construction project management system. We were guinea pigs for this tool and it is awesome. All of the selections that we had to make (a terrifyingly shocking number of them) were all online, listed, scheduled with deadlines, and annotated with extremely helpful details and advice. You can review progress, see photos (if you want them posted), communicate with Men At Work, ask questions, deal with warranty issues, etc. all in one place.

We did move out for the build, and Men at Work was very good at keeping to the schedule. Their team was neat, punctual, and the work was of the highest quality. In summary, Paul is the man. We love our home, loved interacting with him and his team for the project, and would recommend him to any friend without the slightest bit of hesitation. He and his team are a delight to work with, smart, thoughtful, detail-oriented, practical, fair, and worth every penny. ~ Tony & Karin