Basement Renovations

Your Basement – Unearth the Opportunity!

Maybe your old Toronto home basement seems like a pretty hopeless space right now. Is it dark and damp? Do you have to duck to avoid bumping your head on beams, pipes or ducts? The staircase is too narrow and the floor is uneven, or maybe there are big brick pillars making it impossible to use the space the way you’d like to. You’ve probably heard about the possibility of underpinning your basement to gain more headroom, but maybe it seems like a scary, dangerous and expensive idea and you’re wondering if your basement could ever really be transformed into high-quality living space.

Lowering and finishing an old Toronto basement definitely requires a special combination of expertise, planning and the coordinated collaboration of a number of different professionals. But with the right team, basement renovations can be sound investments and make a tremendous difference to daily living. With our compact city lots and soaring property values, it’s now making more economic sense than ever to consider lowering and finishing your old Toronto basement.

Since 1989, we’ve helped hundreds of Toronto homeowners literally put their homes on a solid new footing. Not only can we gain headroom and transform your basement into beautiful, bright, comfortable living space, we can also update all the important infrastructure systems in your home at the same time. Waterproofing, water service, sewer line, electrical and plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, insulation systems and interior structural systems all have a huge impact on your comfort, convenience and safety. Our experienced team can bring these systems up to modern code standards and help you make the most of the precious, underused space beneath your home.

With full-time structural engineering, planning, and design personnel on our team, rest assured we have the professional expertise and experience to guide you through the basement design and renovation process properly. Let’s talk about your basement!

Men At Work Design Build

Feel Right at Home!

Men At Work are everything you want in a contractor: personable, great design sense and perceptive problem solvers. They offer a high craftsmanship service which consistently delivers high-quality project management on time and on budget. ~ Taliaferro & Simon

The entire Men At Work team did an outstanding renovation at our place. You were able to transform what Ruth and I affectionately refer to as our “cottage” into a dream home that we are so proud of and looking forward to sharing with our family and friends. You treated our home as your own with such care and attention that is matched by no other and is reflected in the final product. Everybody warned us that a major project like the one we undertook would be a nightmare but you guys made this a very pleasant dream with the perfect ending. The icing on the cake was all of this on time and on budget! ~ Mike & Ruth