Yuri & Jamie

Broadway Ave

We were introduced to Men At Work in 2013 while they were working on my sister’s house. We had the opportunity to watch that project unfold and were quite impressed with the end result.

Shortly thereafter we purchased our new home, with the intention of renovating. Knowing what we did about their work, we contacted Paul and his team at Men At Work to see if we could work together. A couple of meetings later, we were comfortable in our choice of Men At Work and then the real work began. Paul enlisted the assistance of an architect he had worked with in the past and we started the planning process. Notwithstanding the small matter of the Christmas ice storm, we collaborated as a team through December and January on what ultimately became a unique design that met all of our needs. We were tremendously appreciative of the flexibility Paul and his team demonstrated through this process, including making themselves available for weekend and evening calls.

Once the design was finalized, Paul and his team set out to cost the project. We were impressed by the level of detail in the initial budget–the submission made for extensive reading and review but frankly, given a project of this scope, this was the sort of detail one would have expected. Not surprisingly, some additional back and forth ensued once the estimated cost of the project had been determined. Paul and his team were great to work with through this time. They were always available for a call and responded to any and all inquiries in a professional and thorough manner. Shovels hit the ground in March and we were off and running on our big adventure. Paul assigned Richard Siebert as the project manager and enlisted the assistance of Natalie as designer. The Richard/Natalie combination was a powerful one and I know we wouldn’t be in our house today without the extraordinary efforts of these two.

Work continued at a good pace through the spring and then we sold our house. The closing date of the sale was October 30th which gave the project a hard deadline. Regular reviews with Paul and Richard gave us comfort that a move-in date at the end of October was possible. And to their credit, Men At Work delivered. Along the way, Paul kept us up to date on the project budget. While there was the occasional deviation from the original plan, some due to agreed-upon scope changes and some due to site conditions, I feel comfortable in saying that the project was costed as accurately as it could have been. To the extent there was an overrun or an item requiring discussion, Paul always made himself available for a call, which we appreciated. The end result is a fantastic house which our family will enjoy for years.

We would happily recommend Men At Work.

Jamie & Yuri