Dave & Marilyn

Hannaford Street

It’s been really exciting to watch our house grow from a hole in the ground to a comfortable, stylish light filled home. This is a transformation that would not have been possible without Paul Gallop’s expert guidance through every stage of the building process. The typical response when people see our home for the first time is, “ Wow! What a cool house.” Then they ask who built it and we are happy to tell them about Paul and his team. We tell them about how impressed we were with the professionalism and skill of all of the tradesmen who worked on our house.

Our neighbors have also had nothing but good things to say about how courteous and respectful the Men At Work team members were when our house was being built. We also tell them about Paul Gallop’s excellent customer service. We were always impressed by how quickly Paul would respond to our phone calls and emails – even well outside of business hours. Above all I think what impressed us about Paul Gallop was his honesty and fairness. His prices were very reasonable. We think he delivered a lot of house and a lot of great features for the money we spent.

We always got a sense that Paul cared as much about realizing our vision as we did. He understood that we wanted a simple, modern look and he worked in collaboration with us on making the right choices to fulfill our dreams. He did a great job selecting high quality materials such as the gorgeous windows and the stunning looking galvanized siding.

Our project was full of challenges due to unusual design elements such as an innovative yet uncommon light shaft plus the difficulty involved in gaining access to the backyard in a narrow lot without a driveway. But Paul and his experienced team were able to come up with creative ways to solve every problem that came up during the building process.

The after care has also been great. Our experience has been that Paul Gallop is a builder who really stands behind his work. The very few things that have required attention since the house was finished have been fixed very promptly.

I can’t thank Paul and his team at Men At Work enough. Our amazing looking space is almost unrecognizable from the old, shabby house that had existed on the site previously. Thanks to Paul and his team of skilled tradesmen our house turned out great. We love living in our spacious, tasteful, comfortable home.

Dave & Marilyn