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How custom millwork elevates your home renovation

A look at custom millwork that makes your space work smarter for you. 

When the term millwork is used, it generally refers to any interior or exterior finishing that is made of wood. This could include wall trim and moulding, doors and door frames, cabinetry, fireplaces and mantles, kitchen hoods, beams, or other decorative elements.

With pre-fabricated products - think of a bathroom vanity - you’re often limited to the designs, specifications, and dimensions they’re offered in. At face value, this is often a more economical option, and you could very well find many on-trend styles, colours, and varying materials, but this usually limits your space management flexibility and might even necessitate you design or orient the space around a particular item. Custom millwork can uniquely add to your home and lifestyle by providing tailored solutions to maximize your space. And you have more control over the end product to make it exactly what you want to suit your needs.

When remodeling or updating, Toronto homeowners are often looking for ways to stay clutter-free and have their space effectively utilized while also adding function and value to their homes. Custom millwork is typically at the top of the list when it comes to promoting organization and improving the sense of flow in one’s home.

A very common association with millwork is custom cabinetry or ensuite walk-in closets, but custom millwork extends beyond this and can be a great addition to every part of your home. We’ve pulled together a few quick examples:

Bathrooms - custom cabinetry added to bathrooms to enhance storage space

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Home Office - floor-to-ceiling bookcases and built-in desks

Third-storey office custom millwork
Third-storey office space

Kitchen - custom wine rack integrated into the kitchen cabinetry, designated shelves to showcase treasured items, or a Pinterest-worthy pantry 

Kitchen millwork
Kitchen pantry
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And what we’re seeing more and more of - using millwork to merge traditionally separate spaces in the home, such as a mudroom incorporated into the kitchen pantry.

Millwork mudroom
Millwork mudroom open
Millwork mudroom open

The need for greater kitchen space doesn’t need to come at the cost of decreased storage. In certain cases, incorporating pocket doors and mechanical systems can add even more versatility to this area of the home by saving valuable floor space.

Various rooms can benefit from the addition of millwork to promote a clutter-free space by concealing items that aren’t needed on a day-to-day basis. Cleaning supplies in laundry rooms, bottles, glassware or appliances on bars, and even full beds in guest bedrooms!

Thoughtful millwork design can make your space work smarter for you.

By Shannon Gallop

Posted on 29th November 2023