Halton interior basement media room


An underpin and finish on a 700 sq.ft. basement creating a cozy and functional space to relax and take care of chores.

Project Estimate



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Design & Project Management


Measure and document existing home.

Prepare Plans

Prepare floor plans and elevations of existing house and site plan as required for space planning.

Define Scope

Consult with architectural designer to define project scope and feature requirements.

Prepare Concepts

Prepare conceptual plans with required revisions.

Permit Drawings

Detailed permit drawing package with necessary engineering for underpinning and beam work.

Engineer Review

HVAC heat loss calculations and heating system design drawings by heating engineer.

Prepare Finishes

Finishes selections sheet and provide selection and finishes assistance from interior designer.

Electrical Plans

Electrical and lighting plans for basement.

Obtain Permits

Obtain permits.

Project management

Project management planning, oversight and supervision of construction.

Halton interior utility room detail
Spacious and sleek laundry room

Construction Scope

  1. 1.Demolish and dispose of existing finishes in basement, including staircase.
  2. 2.Remove and dispose of existing furnace/boiler and coordinate removal of rental water heater on Owner’s behalf.
  3. 3.Remove three existing supporting columns and main central supporting beam.
  4. 4.Provide new steel main supporting beam with one new steel column on concrete footing.
  5. 5.Remove basement floor. Dig and flush underpin existing foundations and provide new basement floor at a depth +/-14” lower than original floor with new drains under the floor and interior dampproofing system surrounding basement.
  6. 6.Frame perimeter and partition walls.
  7. 7.Provide replacement high efficiency forced air furnace and AC equipment and provide modifications to existing ductwork in basement and coordinate installation of new rental water heater on Owner’s behalf.
  8. 8.Provide rough and finish plumbing, including good quality fixtures for 3 pc washroom and laundry connections, and to connect new under floor drain system to existing plumbing stacks serving upper floors.
  9. 9.Lower existing electrical service panel as likely required by code, and provide code-compliant electrical for new finished basement including pot lights and smoke/co detectors where typical.
  10. 10.3” of closed cell foam insulation at perimeter walls of basement,.
  11. 11.Three replacement vinyl windows in existing window openings.
  12. 12.Standard ½” drywall on walls and ceiling throughout basement and at basement stairway. Including standard bulkheads to conceal ducts and beams where necessary.
  13. 13.New oak staircase from ground floor to basement with stain and varnish.
  14. 14.Paint-grade wall-mounted handrail from ground floor to basement
  15. 15.Polished concrete floor throughout basement except in washroom area.
  16. 16.Tile finish on floor and tub surround or shower area in washroom.
  17. 17.Provide 5 solid core paint grade interior doors, with good quality hardware.
  18. 18.Paint-grade wood baseboards throughout basement.
  19. 19.Priming and painting (2 finish coats) throughout basement.
  20. 20.Shower door and accessories in washroom.

Additional Costs

Not included but potentially required or requested for this type of project.

$9,000 -> $18,000

Replacement of sewer line from front wall of house to front property line due to deterioration from age, or inadequate depth

$16,000 -> $24,000

Replacement of sewer line from front property line to city sewer main under the road due to insufficient depth or complications with neighbouring property sewers

$14,000 -> $18,000

Upgrading of incoming water service line from city

$3,000 -> $20,000

Creation of new window opening(s) or modification of existing openings

$3,000 -> $20,000

Creation of exterior window well or terrace

$40,000 -> $100,000

Creation of exterior walkout or stairway

$6,000 -> $12,000

Modifying ground-floor floor platform framing in order to widen basement stairway area

$5,000 -> $7,000

Adding insulation and/or resilient channel at basement ceiling for soundproofing

$5,000 -> $8,000

Adding additional and/or thicker drywall at basement ceiling and stairway walls to meet fire resistance ratings where basement may be used as secondary suite

$16,000 -> $35,000

Add kitchenette or bar to basement area

$3,000 -> $20,000

Add AV or smart home electronics

$5,000 -> $50,000

Custom cabinetry or built-ins

$14,000 -> $35,000

Gas fireplace and decorative surround

$15,000 -> $25,000

Add in-floor hydronic radiant heating in basement floor

Above cost range figures include the costs of trade contractors, labour, materials, additional design, permits, project management and GC fee where applicable, but do not include HST


We often think of basement lowering and finishing projects as additions to the underside of a house.

The basements of most older Toronto homes built more than 40 years ago were not originally intended to provide habitable living space. With inadequate headroom, sloping, thin, cracked, cold concrete floors, and damp, uninsulated walls prone to leakage, these spaces housed the home’s mechanical equipment, an unfinished laundry space, and storage. DIY efforts over the years might have attempted to elevate these spaces for habitation, but usually poorly.